2019-2 Premium, Next, Motion, Move - Navi Update EUROPE

We offer the latest 2019-2 PREMIUM, MOVE, NEXT and MOTION Navigation Map Updates including the FSC Activation Code for  cars with CIC and NBT navigation system (which has an integrated sat nav system on an internal hard drive HDD). CIC navigation system has different map types: PREMIUM, MOTION and MOVE, while the NBT system has the NEXT map type.

How to identify which map you have: you can easily find out which CIC map type you currently have by pressing button ‘Nav’ on iDrive, then select ‘Options’, and click ‘Navigation System Version’ where you will see something like: Road Map Europe PREMIUM 2013-1. If you see ‘MOTION’ or ‘MOVE’ text in your navigation map version, then this map is NOT for you, you should select MOTION map or MOVE map update when placing your order. Also, if you have a NBT (NEXT or EVO) navigation system, you need to select NEXT or EVO map update from the map list.

this update is available by download only and requires a FAT32 formatted 32GB USB 2.0 stick to copy map data and load it into your car's navigation system USB port.

Map Data download link will be sent to your email. All download links are from a fast and stable server. COMPLETE STEP-BY-STEP INSTALLATION GUIDE IS INCLUDED.

2019-2 USB update only works for cars made after 03/2010.

From Version 2015, the update is ONLY available as a USB set, so it must be borne in mind that the update can only be carried out without problems via the USB memory stick on cars built after 03/2010 or cars with firmware updated since 03/2010 (for example, all x35i models (335i, 535, etc) which were served under the N54 campaign in 2013 and had received a complete software update to the entire vehicle as part of that service can update to 2015 map using USB without any issues). You will receive the USB download links for maps and FSC activation code with complete installation instructions within a few hours since you have placed the order.

Cars made before 03/2010 with original firmware (no update since you bought the car), then you can ONLY update to 2014 map via DVDs.

We strongly recommend customers with cars made before 03/2010 to have your car firmware updated from local  dealers in order to update to 2019-1 and future maps by USB memory stick.

Compatible models:
 All F-Series & E-Series from 03/2010
 1 serie - E81 - E82 - E87 - E88 - F20 - F21
 2 serie - All
 3 serie - E90 - E91 - E92 - E93 - F30 - F31
 4 serie - All
 5 serie - E60 - E61 - F07 - F10 - F11
 6 serie - E63 - E64 - F12 - F13
 7 serie - F01 - F02 - F03 - F04
 X serie - X1 - X3 - X4 - X5 - X6
 Z serie - E89
 I serie - i3


Additional Info:

Benefits Additional features such as the Falk Travel Guide, Guided Tours, 3D objects, 3D city models and satellite images (for cars from 09/2013) provide much useful information and amenities for your trip planning;

Traffic Message Channel (TMC) function is currently available in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Norway, Sweden and the Czech Republic;

Free TMC service is not available in all countries;

For the reception of the encrypted TMC-service  offers country-specific to a  Connected-Drive contract;

List of  Service;

POI database with 32 categories.

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